March Instagram Recap!

Hi guys, well it’s about time I did an update. A whole lot has happened recently. My little girl turned 5 years old and started school this month!

She had a fantastic birthday even though a cyclone (yes I’m not kidding, a cyclone) hit on the day of her party! Luckily we had a great venue and everyone still came regardless of the weather.

Starting school we were a bit nervous (I think maybe it was just me haha!) but so far it is going great and there are lots of friendly faces we already know from our days at the kindergarten.

So here’s a few pics from the month of March, if you are on Instagram you can find me @carlydb xox


The birthday girl having a fluffy at The Fairy Shop, Ponsonby, Auckland.


Magical birthday party with Andy the magician and has rabbit Twinkie.


All ready for the first day of school!


Weekend walk at Hunua Falls, Auckland.


Experimenting in the kitchen, this Smoked Salmon Pita Pizza was delish!

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2 Responses to March Instagram Recap!

  1. amigurumibb says:

    stopping to say hi!:)
    Best wishes to your 5year old beauty.
    Thank you for wonderful photos (love that one from Hunua Falls)
    Hugs Vanja

  2. Hi Vanja, thanks for the kind words, hope you are well! xox

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